Our Mission

"The management and employees of Westgate Global Logistics are committed to respond to the needs of our customers, quickly and effectively with the most creative and resourceful logistics solutions"

Code of Ethics

A member of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA ), Westgate Global Logistics practices the TIA Code of Ethics in daily business.


TIA Code of Ethics

As a condition of membership, all TIA members are required to sign a strict, national Code of Ethics. The Ethics Committee of TIA arbitrates and ensures that members adhere to the Code of Ethics. These articles have been adopted by the Transportation Intermediaries Association to promote and maintain high standards of professional service and ethical business conduct among its members.

A member shall deal fairly with customers, colleagues, fellow members, and the general public.

A member shall conduct his or her professional life in accord with the interests of the TIA, third party transportation services industry, and the general transportation public.

A member shall adhere to honesty and integrity and to generally accepted principles of professional conduct.

A member shall not engage in any practice, which tends to corrupt, the integrity of the TIA, the third party transportation service industry or process of government.

A member shall make proper, just, and prompt payment for all contractual obligations.

A member shall abide by all lawful agreements to which he or she is a party, including all agreements with shippers, carriers, and other transportation intermediaries.

A member shall compete vigorously - but not unfairly - with other members.

If a member has evident that another member has been guilty of unethical, illegal, or unfair practices, including those in violation of the Code, the member shall present information promptly to the TIA.


TIA Members Pledge

To conduct themselves professionally, with truth, fairness, and responsibility to our customer, TIA, and the third party transportation services industry.

To improve our individual competence and advance the knowledge and proficiency of the third party transportation services profession through continuing education.

To subscribe to and offer to the public a uniform and consistent service in arranging transportation of property. To protect the interest of the shipping public.

To promote the greater transportation productivity.

To adhere to the articles of the Code of Ethics as adopted by the governing Board of the Transportation Intermediaries Association.

"I hereby acknowledge that my membership will now be governed by these provisions. I certify that I will actively participate in TIA activities and will practice the professional standards as outlined in the TIA Bylaws and the Code of Ethics. In addition, I certify that my application information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand that membership in good standing is contingent upon same."