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Westgate Global Logistics 30th Anniversary.

Transportation Intermediaries Association

TIA $25,000 Performance Certified

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Integrated Solutions

Westgate Global Logistics is a Lehigh Valley company with 17 years of Third Party Logistics experience. We are offering a team of seasoned professionals to support comprehensive analysis of your business in a timely and effective manner.

Strategic Analysis

Core Business

Make/Buy Analysis


Consolidated Strategy

Asset Utilization

Domestic/International Markets


Site Selection


Financial Analysis

Return on Investment

Cost/Benefit Planning

Capital Project Analysis

Demand Chain Impact on Finances

Establish Support for Financing

Lease/Buy Options




Warehouse Planning

Inbound Freight Strategy

Outbound Freight Strategy

Carrier Selection and Negotiation

Fleet Analysis

Hazardous Materials


Westgate Global Logistics is a team of veteran, hands-on executives. Each principal member of the management team has:

  • Functioned as a corporate executive and officer

  • Demonstrated technical expertise in one or more functional areas of management

  • 15 or more years experience

Additional Benefits

  • A company with insight into the Greater Lehigh Valley and it's resources

  • Brings together a formidable network of resources, vendors, contacts and prospective clients

  • Personalized Service

  • Integrated Solutions


2006 Westgate Global Logistics
2299 Brodhead Road Suite O, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18020