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Our Ideal Client

Westgate Global Logistic's ideal client is someone who:

  • Typically is a small to midsize company requiring greater transportation resources.

  • Knows there is more to moving freight than picking up at one location and moving to the next.

  • Typically views our services as a means to provide them time to achieve other, more important things in their business and/or personal lives.

  • Has realistic logistics objectives and clearly communicates those expectations to our firm, so we all agree on how to proceed.

  • Hires us to play a vital role in their strategic transportation plan, because they value the flexibility available through a non-asset based logistics service provider.

  • Trusts us enough to ignore all those that appear in the marketplace driven by price alone, without regard for consistent service.

  • Commits to our company for the management of most/all of their volume and truckload freight, because they want to coordinate the entire process rather than handpick individual shipments.

  • Amicably discusses and then delegates transportation and logistics decisions to our firm, including customer/ vendor relationships and expectations. Doing so gives us a better chance of overcoming the logistics challenges and meeting objectives.

  • Provides qualified referrals to us.

Our ideal clients enjoy a preferred relationship with our firm and staff. As a result they:

  • Expect and deserve to receive personalized customer service.

  • Consider our firm to be part of their transportation team.

  • Know that our firm and our service partners bring specific areas of expertise to each situation.

  • Trust that our competent and dedicated staff is capable of answering their service-related questions.

  • Treat our staff with respect and are treated with respect and appreciation by our staff.

  • Gain both personally and professionally from the relationship with our firm.

Now that we have described our ideal client, we need to know how we meet your expectations of the ideal logistics service provider.


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