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Best Practices
Shipping and Receiving

Don't allow profits to slip out the back door!

Use this review to insure your receiving and shipping practices conform to industry best practices.

Best Receiving Practices:

Ensure receiving personnel are trained in the proper receiving procedures.

Check seals on trailer doors before opening.

Inspect shipments upon delivery.

Only the person receiving and inspecting the freight should sign the delivery receipt.

Write proper exception notations on delivery receipts.

Report concealed damage or shortages within 15 days of receipt.

Retain all packaging until a claim is resolved.

Notify carriers of claims and request and inspection.

Read and critique a carrier's inspection report before signing.

Best Shipping Practices:

Always request a copy of the carrier's tariff before shipping.

Know what a carrier's liability limits are before shipping.

Use only new packing material, use of used cartons or packing may limit your ability to receive full value for any loss or damage.

When necessary, verify the identity of the driver before loading his truck.

Properly complete the bill of lading using correct classification descriptions.

Clearly mark any special delivery requirements on the bill of lading.

Make sure the driver clearly signs the bill of lading noting the total number of "outside" pieces received.

Never permit a driver to sign "shippers load and count (SLC)" unless he is signing for a sealed load.

Make sure all trailer loads are sealed by your personnel./

Record seal numbers on the bill of lading before it is signed.

Promptly respond to a carrier's On Hand notices.

When shipping hazardous materials make sure the individual preparing and offering the shipment to the carrier is properly trained and certified to handle hazmat shipments.


By combining technology and expertise with steadfast alliances, Westgate Global is able to simplify your company's logistics challenges.

Ask about our consulting services and unique Hazmat training program.

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