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Service Date
Aug. 29, 1983

(Rev. 5/83)

Interstate Commerce Commission License
Westgate Transportation Inc.
Bethlehem, PA

This license is evidence of the applicant's authority to engage in operations as a broker.  This authority will become effective only when applicant has met the compliance requirements pertaining to insurance coverage for the protection of the public (49 CFR 1043) and designation of agents upon whom process may be served (49 CFR 1044).

Applicant shall also render reasonable continuous and adequate service under this authority.  Failure to meet these conditions will constitute sufficient grounds for the suspension, change, or revocation of this authority.

This authority is subject to any terms, conditions, and limitations as are now, or will be, attached to the privilege.  The service to be performed is described on the reverse side of this document and will be valid as lang as the applicant maintains compliance with the above requirements.

By the Commision

Agatha L. Mergenovice


Note:  If there are any discrepancies regarding this document please notify the Commission within 30 days.

To engage in operations, in interstate or foreign commerce as a broker of general commodities (except household good), between points in the United States.

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View Certificate of Liability Insurance 48.3kb


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2299 Brodhead Road Suite O, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18020